Wander And Wonder

  • Title: Wander And Wonder
  • Artist: Tristan Honsinger
  • Label: Umlaut
  • Format: Book
  • Genre: Visual Art
  • Price: €20,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€18,69non-EU

Paperback, 19x25cm, 178pp, 2021.

On many levels Tristan Honsinger invites the reader to embark on the trip of embracing, chasing and changing the perception of what is possible. The routines and wisdom retrieved from his 50 years of living in the world of spontaneous imagery within the expression of sound and body are transmitted in a way that is both lucid and ludic. His texts are not about music per se, but they are musical in the sense that they welcome you to take part in the mysterious act of transformation. And in the end you are challenged to lead the trip elsewhere, based on your own associations in being the essence of us.

“This book has been written over the course of a couple of months in the spring of 2020 and contains dialogues, aphorisms, songs, poems and short stories, sometimes combined. Counterpointing Tristan’s handwritings are the breezy, chasing and questioning drawings of Joel Grip. These two individuals form one of the most formidable acts in improvisation that I’ve ever seen. It’s a match!” – from the introduction by Antonio Borghini.

Compiled by Klaus Kürvers, this book includes the complete discography of Tristan Honsinger‘s issued recordings so far, 1972-2020 : a 15-page directory of treasures from the recent history of modern music.