The Asocial Telepathic Ensemble

  • Title: The Asocial Telepathic Ensemble
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: Corvo Records
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Electro-Acoustic, Field Recordings, Free Improvisation, Misc Berlin, Poetry, Sound Art, Turntablism, Vocals
  • Price: €24,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€20,17non-EU

Sound artist, composer, vocalist Alessandra Eramo and artist, writer and theorist Brandon LaBelle initiated the Asocial Telepathic Ensemble during the Covid-19 Lockdown in 2021.

This international collaborative work of sound culture brings together eleven composers, sound artists, curators, writers, and performers who simultaneously switched on their recording devices on 21 March 2021 for 15 minutes in a globe spanning telepathic recording session, documenting their thoughts, habits or audio surroundings, in an attempt to connect with each other. No editing was done.

The result is a very intimate glimpse into a moment of self isolation which has been experienced globally. Each recording is a strong poetic approach to daily routine and deals with communicating with artificial voices, loneliness, yearning for travelling or being bored. But these artistic statements are also talking about hope, transforming tragedy into irony, accepting bodily and mental fragility during the pandemic and beyond.

Alessandra Eramo: voice, electronics
Ambra Pittoni: field recordings
Brandon LaBelle: field recordings
Florence Cats: field recordings, electronics
Ines Lechleitner: field recordings
Israel Martinez: field recordings, voice
James Webb: field recordings
Korhan Erel: field recordings, melodica
Lucia Udvardyova: field recordings, electronics
Ricarda Denzer: field recordings, voice
Thea Farhadian: field recordings, violin, electronics

A1. Alessandra Eramo – Two Microphones, Many Voices 14:59
A2. James Webb – Ceremony For A New Studio 14:59
A3. Florence Cats – In The Air 14:59
B1. Brandon LaBelle – At The Table, Thinking Of Others 14:58
B2. Lucia Udvardyova – Homebound 14:27
B3. Ambra Pittoni – Projecting My Subtle Mind While, In My Veranda, I Transplant A Pelea Pretending I am in Morocco… Gnawa Ausicians Arrive At The Door, Then The Wind And Then A Tropical Rain 15:23
C1. Ines Lechleitner – Telepathy Ignition 15:01
C2. Korhan Erel – In Quarantine With Melodica 15:03
C3. Israel Martinez – Telepathy (Breakfast And Reading) 15:02
D1. Thea Farhadian – Flight Lines 15:00
D2. Ricarda Denzer – A Mental Radio Piece 15:10